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CFC-USA New Normal eGuidelines

Dear CFC USA Family:

As we face this unprecedented time in our lives with momentous trials and  challenges as well as life-changing opportunities, with God’s grace, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother, your CFC USA National Council presents the attached CFC-USA “New Normal” eGuidelines, a Pastoral reference amidst the Covid19 crisis. 

These include guidance on the various directorates to allow us to continue to be families in the Holy Spirit renewing the “new” face of the earth.

Our prayer is that we will not be the same person, the same CFC USA from pre-Covid to post-Covid as we continue to prayerfully discern and faithfully obey God’s perfect Will in our lives during this time.

May God bless and have mercy on us all. Take care, be safe and be a SAINT!


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Your CFC USA 2020 National Council